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Date:August 23rd, 2008
Arena:The staples center in Los Angeles, California.
Theme:"Numb" Linkin Park
EWL Presents Saturday Night Inferno

[Linkin Park's "Numb" is the first thing we hear and Saturday Night Inferno comes it it's official begginning as the pyro blasts and fireworks go all over, sending our crowd in attendance in a frensy of excitement.]

Richard Diamond- Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Los Angeles staples center. I, Richard Diamond alongside my broadcasting partener, Tommy Lawrence welcome you all to Saturday Night INFERNOOO!!

Tommy Lawrence- And what a night we're in for Richard. Our main event showcases a match that went down in history once before, let's see if the second time around will be even better. I'm speaking of former EWL World champion, Chris Legend, against the current champion, "King Cobra" Chad Vargas!

Richard Diamond- That certainly shall be one for the ages, but let's go into the show, shall we?

Tommy Lawrence- Indeed we should Richard...

["Adjustments" plays and Angelina Love makes her way to the ring, by walking down the ramp.]

Justin O Riley- Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring first, from Toronto, Ontario, weighing in at one hundred and eighteen pounds, pounds, Angelinnnaaa Looovvvee! ...

[Angelina Love walks down the ramp, and slides into the ring. She tests the ropes and awaits her opponent's arrival.]

["The rebirth" hits the PA system and the Women's champion, Shelly*B walks down the ramp, making her way to the ring.]

Justin O Riley- ... and the opponent, from New Castle, England. Weighing in at one hundred and thrity five pounds, she is the CURRENT EWL Women's champion, Shelllyyy B!

[Shelly*B slides into the ring and almost right away, she hands her Woman's championship belt to Referee Arnold Palmer, who hands it to the ring keeper. The bell rings as both women recede to the center of the ring and the match comes to an official start...]

[Angelina Love and Shelly*B lock up. Angelina gets the upper hand by kicking Shelly in the mid-section. Shelly swiftly hits the mat as Angelina picks her up just as fast. Angelina Love lifts Shelly up and hits her with a scoop slam. Shelly croaks her body up in pain and grabs her back, using the back of her hand... Angelina Love picks Shelly*B up once more, but the momentum that she was building up just a few moments ago goes down the drain as Shelly breaks the technical hold Angelina Love was going for and slides around Angelina Love, getting a tight grip on Angelina's waist. Angelina jabs away at Shelly's hands, attempting to get the hold to break but Shelly's grip is too tight... Angelina Love stops punching at the wrists of Shelly*B, and starts trying to grind Shelly's hands apart from each other. But just like the last attempt, that does not work either... But suddenly, Angelina Love gears her hips into a sideway position. Suddenly, Angelina Love hold's Shelly's back with the palm of her right hand and bends the back of her elbow onto Shelly's rib area and shoves her hip into the air, executing a perfect hip toss, and sending Shelly hitting the mat hard and instantly.]

Richard Diamond- Well I'll be... What a perfect hip toss.

Tommy Lawrence- You said it Richard.

[Angelina edges over to Shelly, who's lying flat on her back at the end of the ring, under the bottom rope. Angelina goes to pick her up by the hair, but Shelly uses her leg to execute a drop toe hold, sending Angelina's neck hitting the second rope with massive impact. The crowd errupts on awe as they see the blonde bombshell known as Angelina Love clutch her neck and rolls around like a fish out of water. Shelly*B smirks as if she was planning the evil move for some time now. She moves in on Angelina Love and covers her leg as Referee Arnold Palmer goes for the count............... 1 ............... 2 ............... kick out by Angelina Love. The crowd cheers for Angelina as she found the strength to kick out of the pin Shelly*B put her in. Shelly, on the other hand, is angry at her failure of putting Angelina Love down for this match and she rises to her feet and kicks the first turnbuckle.]

Tommy Lawrence- I don't think Angelina Love's kicking out sat well with our Women's champion Richard.

Richard Diamond- Indeed. She really looks upset.

[Shelly*B, now in a position where her torso is placed on the turnbuckle, and her head is facing the crowd is still upset about her unsuccessful attempt to pin Angelina Love. Shelly*B turns around quickly and tries to pick Angelina Love up in anger, but instead, gets placed in a small package. Referee Arnold Palmer hits the mat quick and begins to make the count...............1 ............... 2 ............... 3!!! ..... After getting the pin, Angelina Love quickly releases her hold on the Women's champion, Shelly*B and slides out of the ring.]

Justin O Riley- Here is your winner, Angellinnnaaa Looovveee!!!

[Angelina Love walks around the ring and quickly makes her way up the ramp, slapping the hands of a few fans before going backstage, leaving the shocked face of Shelly*B showing on the television set.




[We come back from commercial break to the scene of former Intercontinental champion, Jeff Hardy and former Tag Team champion, Remo standing in the center of the ring. Tupac Shakur's "All eyes on me" is playing, which tells that Remo was the one who just came to the ring, and Hardy was the first. Remo's theme music stops playing and he stand in the center of the ring, staring Jeff Hardy down on the opposite side of the ring, waiting for the next opponent to come to the ring.]

["2Xtreme" plays and the crowd goes wild... But as a few moments pass by, their cheers go by as Nick Geb does not come to the ring. Justin O Riley, who was getting ready to make his announcements shrugs as he gets word from a nearby female staff worker that Nick Geb is not in the arena. He begins speaking...]

Justin O Riley- Ladies and Gentlemen, it's been announced that Nick Geb is NOT here tonight.

["Oh christmas tree" plays and the crowd boos... But just like the outcome for Nick Geb's arrival, the Christmas Tree Kidd does not arrive either. The very same female worker whispers in O Riley's ears once more as he sighs, places the microphone to his mouth and speaks.]

Justin O Riley- Ladies and Gentlemen, because a sudden decision made by Extreme Wrestling League chairman, Dwayne Blair, this match up is now a one on one 'HARDCORE' match between Jeff Hardy and Remo, where the winner recieves contendership for the EWL Television championship!

[Both Hardy and Remo stare each other down as Referee Arnold Palmer rings the bell.]

[The two men circle the ring momentarilly before they lock up. Remo gets the upper hand by using an amateur wrestling maneuver to take Jeff Hardy down to the mat. Remo gets up using the ropes and stomps Hardy out violently. Remo keeps it up, as he knows that he does not have to stop at all, seing that there is a harcore stipulation. But Hardy also takes advantage of the stipulation and low blows Remo, who was standing directly above him. Remo drops to the mat as Jeff Hardy rolls out of the ring, and falls to the canvas, not attempting to catch his balance, but rather his breathe.]

Richard Diamond- Quick thinking by the boss allowed us to witness what looks to be a promising match.

Tommy Lawrence- I'm kind of shocked though. Looks like Nick Geb and Christmas Tree Kidd have been taking pointers from Marquise as of lately...

[Jeff Hardy gets to his feet and slides into the ring. Remo still on the mat, groping his 'manhood', notices Hardy above him. Jeff Hardy picks Remo up and Irish whips him into a turnbuckle, having Remo hit has back hard. Jeff Hardy picks Remo up and lifts him up. Attempting to go for a bulldog, Jeff Hardy is not succesful as Remo shoves him off of him. Remo picks Jeff Hardy up right away and hits the Rainbow-Haired warrior with a snap suplex. Remo picks Jeff Hardy up and places his torso on the second rope, attempting to go for a rope Bronco Buster. Remo runs to the opposite corner of the ring and comes back, But Hardy rolls out of the way, sending Remo tangling into the ropes and onto the outside canvas. Just then, Jeff Hardy shoves off his arial excellence by hitting Remo with a high-impact hang nail. Hardy's back comes tumbling onto Remo's torso and face. The two men are down for a moment... Just then, Remo drags himself to the edge of the ring. He shoves both hands under the rign arpon and keeps them there. Jeff Hardy gets up and drags Remo from under the ring, holding his legs, Hardy's head is ducked a bit. Just as Remo's arms are pulled from out under the ring, a steel chair is revealed and Remo hits Jeff Hardy right on top of his skull, sending Jeff Hardy crumpling to the ground. Remo smirks and throws the chair away and slowly crawls to Jeff Hardy, and hooks his leg...]

Richard Diamond- It's falls count anywhere! We could see a new number one contender here!

[Referee Arnold Palmer begins to make the count............... 1............... 2 ............... kick out by Jeff Hardy... Remo clutches the back of his head in disbelief as he rises to his feet and picks Jeff Hardy up. He shoves Hardy into the ring and picks him up. It looks like Remo's going for his finisher, the Cash deposit, but just then, surprisngly, we see former EWL women's champion, Lindsey Calloway run into the ring. Just as Remo lifts Hardy up for his massive rock-bottom like slam finisher, he gets a massive low blow from Lindsey Calloway. Remo drops Hardy instantly. Hardy catches himself and notices the current set up in the ring, he swiftly climbs to the top turnbuckle and with the speed of lightning, hits the downed Remo with a massive Swanton Bomb. Jeff Hardy hooks the leg and Referee Arnold Palmer begins to make the count............... 1 ............... 2 ............... 3!!!]

Tommy Lawrence- Lindsey Calloway!?

Richard Diamond- Looks like we're witnessing another power couple here in the EWL Tommy.

Tommy Lawrence- WHA! NO! Isn't Chris Legend and Barbie Blank ENOUGH!!!?

Richard Diamond- And now we might have Jeff Hardy reign as our new TV champion next week. Looks like this night just can't get any better...

Tommy Lawrence- It would be if Marquise shows up

Richard Diamond- Ugh, not this again...

[Lindsey Calloway helps Jeff Hardy to his feet and she raises his hand as the crowd boo them both. They both leave the ring with the smirks on both of their faces, leaving Remo in the ring angry, shocked and apauled... We go to commerical break.]

OOC- This wasn't my way of "getting rid" of Nick and CTK. I just knew that they're both busy (Especially with Nick's moving), so I did that. I know how it feels to be busy, so I don't think it would have been fair for them to suffer losses for that, especially since they both rarely no-show, and it was a great way to get straight to the point.



Cell Block four versus Mike Mustaine & Troy Gafgen. The winners= Cell Block four.

OOC- Mike, I know you were upset, but don't worry about it man. Just keep doing what you need to and you'll be fine man. Just don't think that it was I who put you in the whole, after all, didn't know your partner was not going to show up.



["Reptilia" hits as we come back from commercial break. Marquise makes his way to the ring.]

Justin O Riley- Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at one hundred and ninety eight pounds, from Los Angeles, California, Marrquisse!

[Marquise slides into the ring and awaits the arrival of his opponent.]

["Pain" plays and the EWL United States champion, Kevin Bourne makes his way to the ring, bearing his championship belt.]

Justin O Riley- and the opponent, weighing in at two hundred and forty two pounds, from St. Louis, Missouri. He is the current EWL United States champion, Keevvinnn Boouurrnnne!

[Kevin Bourne slides into the ring and hands his championship to Referee Arnold Palmer... Palmer takes it and hands it to the ring keeper. The bell rings shortly after and the match up comes to an official start.]

[The two men lock up and Marquise goes for a German suplex, but Kevin Bourne rolls around and hits him with a Russian Legsweep... Just then Kevin Bourne picks Marquise up and attempts a Vertical suplex, but Marquise hooks the inside leg of Bourne and tires hitting his very own Vertical suplex. But, Bourne lands on his feet through the back, and just as Marquise turns around, he walks right into Kevin Bourne's patented Checkmate. Kevin Bourne covers Marquise, in a lateral press position. Referee Arnold Palmer makes the count............... 1 ............... 2 ............... 3!!!]

Tommy Lawrence- Errr... That was um, interesting...

Richard Diamond- Uhh, yeah...

[Kevin Bourne gets his championship and his arm raised as he leaves the ring, leaving Marquise looking around in shock.]




["Ride the lightning" plays and Chris Legend makes his way to the ring.]

Justin O Riley- Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is our main event for the night. Making his way to the ring from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at two hundred abd twenty five pounds, Chhrriisss Legggennndd!

[Chris Legend slides into the ring and awaits the arrival of his adversary for the night.]

["Cowboy" plays and the EWL World champion, Chad Vargas makes his way to the ring.]

Justin O Riley- and the opponent, from Nashville, Tennessee, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds, he is the EWL World champion, Chhaaaddd Vaarggasss!

[Chad Vargas enters the ring using the ring steps. Vargas hands his belt to Palmer, who rings for the bell, officially starting the match.]

[The two lock up for a second. Chad Vargas gets the upper hand as he takes Legend down with a scoop slam. He slides around the back and turns that into a tight headlock. Referee Arnold Palmer asks Chris Legend if he wants to quit, but Legend refuses, and he slowly rises to his feet. Legend delivers two elbows to the ribs of Chad Vargas, forcing the World champion to break his lock. Chris Legend runs and splashes onto the standing body of Chad Vargas and hooks his leg as they hit the mat, going in for the pin in a lateral press. Referee Arnold Palmer makes the count............... 1 ............... 2 ............... Kick out by Chad Vargas, sending Chris Legend flying across the ring and tumbling under a rope. Vargas quickly hops to his feet and picks the former World champion up and hits him with a powerful snap suplex. Legend hits the mat hard as Chad Vargas gets up and taunts to the fans, who boo him. Vargas just smirks and gets back to the match.]

Tommy Lawrence- Oh, rejected by the fans! That one had to hurt...

Richard Diamond- Normally I'd say that, but then again, we're talking about Chad Vargas here. That man wouldn't care if he ran over a possum that had cancer.

Tommy Lawrence- What the fu- does that even make sence? A possum with aids? Richard is that possible?

Richard Diamond- Ugh, I got caught up in the moment.

Tommy Lawrence- Yeah, that's why YOU acted weird.

[We get back into the match and we see Chad Vargas holding Chris Legend in an abdominal stretch. By the looks of things, Vargas had the lock in on Legend for quiet some time now. But it all changes as Chris Legend budges towards the egde of the ring and grabs the second rope, causing Refere Arnold Palmer to force Chad Vargas to break the hold. Chad Vargas lets go and is very upset at doing so. Vargas goes to the center of the ring, and by the looks of things, it looks like he's going to try to get the same lock in, this time in the center of the ring, rather than the edge where it would be easy to get out of.]

Richard Diamond- The EWL World champion, Chad Vargas clearly using his brains there.

Tommy Lawrence- Indeed.

[Just as things shape up to look good for Chad Vargas and he begins to place Legend in the abdominal stretch, Chris Legend rolls around Chad Vargas' back and places him in a backslide. Referee Arnold Palmer begins to make the count almost instantly............... 1 ............... 2 ............... kick out by Chad Vargas. Chad Vargas looks upset as he rises to his feet an aggression and frustration. Vargas slaps Chris Legend across the face, and Legend turns a bit. Vargas outsmarted Legend once more as he sets him up for the stroke, but it is Vargas who gets his brain rattled this time around as Legend wiggles out and hits the World champion, Chad Vargas with 'his' finisher, the Outshiner. Legend slowly gets to his knees and makes the cover, hooking the leg. Referee Arnold Palmer on the contrary, hits the mat rather swiftly. He makes the count............... 1 ............... 2 ............... 3!!!]

Justin O Riley- Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, Chrriisss Leggennd!

Richard Diamond- What a nice win for Chris Legend.

Tommy Lawrence- I hear that.

[The Extreme Wrestling League logo hits the bottom of the screen and Inferno comes off-air as we see Chad Vargas sitting in the ring looking on at Legend in anger as he recieves his World championship belt from Referee Arnold Palmer. We fade out there.]