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EWL Presents Spring Fever!

Shelly*B vs Melina vs Amy Roucka

In the first match of the night, Shelly B, Melina, and former EWL Women's champion went toe to toe in a triple threat diva's match in order to gain contendership at the EWL women's championship. In the beginning, Amy Roucka had a strong advantage, showing a very good offensive build-up. That's when Melina jumped in and started getting the advantage, ready to show that she's ready to gain the EWL Women's championship chance. But that was lately shattered by the newest addition to the EWL female division, Shelly B, who alongside Melina, over powered Amy Roucka then took advantage by attacking Melina and hitting her with Extreme Overload, allowing her to get the 1...........2.............3 and contendership to the EWL Women's championship.
(Television Championship)Troy Gafgen vs vs Nickgeb(C)

In the second match of the night at Spring Fever, Troy Gafgen and Nickgeb collided for the EWL Television championship. In the beginning, Troy Gafgen showed strong resiliance to Nickgeb's offensive moves and putting up a big fight against the Champion. But the tables began to turn as Nickgeb finally started to fight back, hitting Troy Gafgen with multiple hay-makers and a special mix of Suplexes. But the match-up ended with Troy Gafgen hitting a flipping piledriver, Causing him to get the 1...........2.............3, and winning his first Television championship. But after the match, Chris Legend attacked Nickgeb leaving him knocked out in the center of the ring, as Legend is left smiling with his infamous eveil grin, clearly expressed on his face.
(United States Championship)Chris England(C) vs vs Mike Williams

In the bougt for the United States championship, consisting of Chris England and Mike Williams. Chris England certainly showed Mike Williams that he wasn't ready to lose his United States championship, but as the match progressed, Mike Williams proved that he was ready to take the championship from the reighning champion, Chris England. Now in the middle of the match, Chris England took avantage of the match. But a missed Cross of St. George, lead up to Mike Williams getting a roll up to get the 1.......2..........3 and the United States championship.
(Intercontinental Championship)Chad Vargas(C) vs vs Spike Love

In the Intercontinental championship fight, Chad Vargas went into the match with one cocky state of mind. But Spike Love put up a fight to be remembered, throwing Vargas over the ropes in a total of 3 times nearly causing Vargas to pass out, and multiple chair shots to the head sent Vargas crashing and burning each and every time, but a stroke onto one of said steel chairs, causing him to pick up the 1..........2...........3 and retaining his championship.
(World Championship)Christian Cage(C) vs vs Mr. Kennedy

("Turn up the trouble" blasts over the PA system and Mr. Kennedy walks down the ramp and slides into the ring.)

Justin O Riley-Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is scheduled for one fall and is for the EWL World championship. Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at two hunred and forty seven pounds, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, MRRR. KKKEENNNNNEEDDDDYYY!!

("Stimulate" hits the PA system and the EWL World champion, Christian Cage walks to the ring and slides into the ring.)

Justin O Riley-and the opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, CCCCHHHRRRIISSSTTIIANN CCAGGGEEE!!

(Mr. Kennedy and Christian Cage lock up in the center of the ring. The world champion, Christian get the upper hand, but that changes quickly as Kennedy tries to get an early win by grabbing Christian's tights and getting him in a roll up. Arnold Palmer makes the count......1...........2...........kick out by Cage.)

Richard Diamond-Kennedy trying to end things early here tonight.

Tommy Lawrence-yeah, but apparently that didn't work out for him.

Richard Diamond-Oh, i can see that Tommy, after all, i am calling the match.

Tommy Lawrence-Likewise.

(Mr. Kennedy picks Christian Cage up and hits him with a snap suplex and hops and and begins to stomp him out. Christian Cage curls up in a ball, trying to withstand from getting attacked by Mr. Kenendy. Kennedy then picks Christian up and hits him with a scoop slam. Kennedy then picks him up once more, but the champion counters by Irish whipping Mr. Kennedy into a turnbuckle. Christian Cage then hits the slumped over Mr. Kennedy with a turnbuckle spear. Mr. Kennedy then grabs his mid-section and crumples to the mat, where he is then stomped out by Christian Cage.)

Richard Diamond-It's amazing how quickly The current champion countered Mr. Kennedy's entire arsenal.

Tommy Lawrence-Yeah and so quickly.

Richard Diamond-I just said that Tommy.

Tommy Lawrence-You did?

Richard Diamond-Yes. You wife always did tell me that old age was kicking in.

Tommy Lawrence-Wait a minute, you don't talk to my wife.

Richard Diamond-No comment, let's keep looking at this wonderful match.

(Christian picks Kennedy up and attempts to hit him with a Vertical Suplex but Kennedy slides through the back and hits Kennedy with an inverted backbreaker. Mr. Kennedy goes into the cover.................1......................2.....................kick out by Christian Cage. Mr. Kennedy slaps the mat in utter dissapointment and rises to his feet. Mr. Kennedy picks Christian Cage up and hits him with a snap suplex. He then climbs to the top rope and attempts a senton bomb, also known as his Kenton bomb, but Christian rolls out of the way, sending Kennedy crashing and burning into the mat.)

Richard Diamond-I doubt Kennedy will be able to lie down on his hotel bed properly tonight.

Tommy Lawrence-You said it Richard.

(Kennedy grabs his back as he squirms around the ring. Christian Cage picks Mr. Kennedy up and attempts to hit him with the Unprettier, but Kennedy counters and hits him with a massive clothesline. Christian flips as Kennedy rises to his feet and Irish whips him. Kennedy then lifts Christian onto the ropes in a crossing position and climbs to the ropes.)

Richard Diamond-Looks like we know what Kennedy is going for here Tommy.

Tommy Lawrence-Yep, looks like he's gonna give us a little taste of Greenbay.

(Kennedy attempts a Green Bay plunge, but Christian shoves him onto the mat and lands on the top rope, he then hits Kennedy with a frog splash. Christian hooks the leg and Referee Arnold Palmer makes the count................1.................2.................3!!!)

Justin O Riley-Here is your winner, and still the EWL World champion, Christian Cage!!

(We go off the air as we get a clear shot of Christian holding his championship up high.)